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Paramount Hotel Singapore Unofficial Site

About Paramount Hotel Singapore

I know there are plenty of hard working families in this country. I also know that everyone of these hard working familys would love to have a great and wonderful vacation. So if this sounds like you and you just want to get away and relax somewhere away from all the bills and problems in your life I have a great place for you. There is a way wonderful place all the way on the other side of the globe just calling your name. This place is known as the Paramount Hotel Singapore.

The Paramount Hotel Singapore is a cosmopolitan hotel located on the famous Orchard road. It is the complete picture of elegance and a beautiful cost friendly price. The hotel has a whopping 653 beautiful and outrageously comfortable room to suit all and any of your leisure or business needs.

The Paramount Hotel Singapore has so many accommodations that it will probably hook you as soon as you see it in person. It comes standard with a fitness club that will blow your mind so that you can stay in shape and maybe even get your workout on. The outdoor pool is something that I know you will love for the simple fact that everyone loves to swim, so dont forget to bring the kids along for this wonderful lifetime experience. And if you dont like to go swimming then there are plenty of others things that you will find to do for fun and leisure and this famous travel sweet spot. There is also a plethora of pillar free ballrooms that are o so gorgeous and breathe taking. This will be a wonderful place to hold any of your business meetings so you might as well invite all of your co workers as well as your friends.

The Paramount Hotel Singapore has some wonderful restaurants as well as just fun. And I know youre going to be hungry after your long flight. It in fact has an award winning caf believe it or not. This caf will offer you some very large varieties of food. The most prominent food here is going to be its Cantonese fine dining that will satisfy any set of taste buds on this planet. But just in case that does not sound like something you would like to eat this hotel caf also offer everything from local to all international flavors.

The Paramount Hotel Singapore is also very close to the business district of Singapore so you can go visit some place that you have never been to before. It is also located very close to the Singapore Changi Airport just in case you need to book a quick flight back home or out of the country. But with all these great things that the hotel has to offer I do not see why anyone would ever want to leave for home. I know once you see this magical place you will feel the same way I do.